I started this blog at the start of 2017 to be used to help others by living outside their comfort zone. This was a New Years resolution for me and I thought that I knew a few things that I could pass on to people. Oh how wrong I was and now realise that for this to be a benefit to anyone it needs to be a benefit to me.

My initial goal was to write a piece a fortnight outlining what I think attributes to living outside your comfort zone but like most things, this grand idea went by the wayside and was until recently forgotten. Friends of ours came over for dinner recently and mentioned that they had started a blog and were really enthusiastic about it. Their’s is a great idea and I am really excited for them (I will share when it goes live).

My flatmate mentioned that I had one and it reminded me that I needed to spend more time on it getting my thoughts out there. Again not for anyone else bar myself, to help me grow and mature in this world that I live in, with my partner, with my friends and family and with society.

I believe that writing this blog will help me:

  • Clear my head of my thoughts
  • Gain an understanding around what needs to be done (if anything)
  • Questions myself and my behaviours

This is NOT me crying poor about the terrible life I have had, I have been privileged….I am privileged. The people who I have had and those that are still in my life have shown me so much and I continue to learn from them. This blog is purely for my own benefit and I seek no pity from it.

I am happy for people to comment whatever they are thinking as you maybe able to assist me with my above three points. It is my goal to read one or two of my articles everyday and post randomly with no specific time frame or reason, just when I feel like it. I think setting this loose boundaries will be of benefit for me. But maybe not and I will change this goal.

If you read anything on here I hope you enjoy it or find something within it that is of benefit to you, as I know it has already benefited me.

I am looking forward to this journey that I will be undertaking and hope that it proves to be worthwhile.