Taking family and friends for granted

Yesterday a tragic situation happened to a friend of mine and it “again” made me realise how often I take my friends and family too much for granted. I know in the past that I have thought, well their my family and friends, are they not there for us, always, night and day, when “I” need them?

However the events of yesterday and other situations that have occurred in my life have again brought to the forefront that things can change in an instant, that nothing is forever and to make the most of your opportunities. Part of these opportunities is to re-connect or spend time with those that you love, your friends and family, in saying that though, if you are estranged from your family, fair call. I count some of my friends as closer to me than my family, due to circumstances or opinions on life.

I’m talking about those people that when you are around them they make you a better person, you can truly be yourself and it is not a massive effort to spend some time with them. it is however these people we take for granted the most and then disconnect with. I have decided that it is time for me to change my behaviour around this.

It’s about getting to know them at a deeper level, being there to support them and connecting with them on a regular basis. I am not saying that I will call everyone everyday but I need to re-connect with 1. my family (siblings and mum) and 2. close friends, with yesterdays event highlighting this. It saddens me that an event like yesterday had to occur to have this effect on me.

I feel deeply for my friend and promise to make this the catalyst for not taking my friends and family for granted. Showing them that my thoughts are often with them and displaying my loyalty and generosity to those who are closest to me, especially my girlfriend (who I take the most for granted).

Well until next time,



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