Maintaining Positive Habits

So I have opened up my blog again to write, it has been too long. It is tough though, inspiration normally only comes to me when I am at the depth of despair and life is not going well. But how do you maintain the inspiration if life is going ok or going well. How do I keep the good times going and not fall back into that black hole?

Healthy eating, exercise, less phone use, saving money, all of these habits and more are what I want to focus on. But why does the drive go from me when things are going ok and how do I keep my drive going towards greatness when things are going well? So my goal over the next 6 months is to push hard to, first, define the positive habits that will create a positive environment and then sticking to them.

The plan for me is to have both a clear and positive objective and have clarity and purpose around each of my habits. So the habits that I am initially going to tackle are:

  • Healthy eating
  • Exercise
  • Relationships
  • Finance

I know that changing these habits will be difficult but not impossible. I have had numerous successes around my habits and am confident in my ability to achieve amazing things. Keeping my drive, being confident in my abilities and showing positivity around my results is how I will maintain my positive habits.

It is funny, I have looked back on my other posts and have a lot of questions but not much action. From this post there will be ACTION! Looking at these other posts it also doesn’t show the true me; I love quotes, the cheesier the better, but it will have to relate somehow to the post so I will try to include as many as I can.

“When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.” – Confucius

Until next time,


Taking family and friends for granted

Yesterday a tragic situation happened to a friend of mine and it “again” made me realise how often I take my friends and family too much for granted. I know in the past that I have thought, well their my family and friends, are they not there for us, always, night and day, when “I” need them?

However the events of yesterday and other situations that have occurred in my life have again brought to the forefront that things can change in an instant, that nothing is forever and to make the most of your opportunities. Part of these opportunities is to re-connect or spend time with those that you love, your friends and family, in saying that though, if you are estranged from your family, fair call. I count some of my friends as closer to me than my family, due to circumstances or opinions on life.

I’m talking about those people that when you are around them they make you a better person, you can truly be yourself and it is not a massive effort to spend some time with them. it is however these people we take for granted the most and then disconnect with. I have decided that it is time for me to change my behaviour around this.

It’s about getting to know them at a deeper level, being there to support them and connecting with them on a regular basis. I am not saying that I will call everyone everyday but I need to re-connect with 1. my family (siblings and mum) and 2. close friends, with yesterdays event highlighting this. It saddens me that an event like yesterday had to occur to have this effect on me.

I feel deeply for my friend and promise to make this the catalyst for not taking my friends and family for granted. Showing them that my thoughts are often with them and displaying my loyalty and generosity to those who are closest to me, especially my girlfriend (who I take the most for granted).

Well until next time,



Treating Partners with Contempt

Contempt might be a strong word but in part it does relate to how I treat my girlfriend. I am not innately a bad person or a terrible partner, but I have my faults (like everyone) and these faults really hurt my girlfriend. However for some reason I don’t seem to change my habits or if I do it always seems to be on a short term basis. So recently I have asked myself a few questions:

  • How long can you be with someone who continues to do something that you truly hate?
  • How long would I personally stick around if someone was continually doing something I hated?
  • When did just living with something constitute a relationship?
  • When did I forget that relationships are between two people that love each other?

I am unsure if I will be able to answer these questions but it makes me start to think, thinking about what other behaviours my girlfriend dislikes. Some of the following I will go into in a separate post but the below are the faults that I am looking to work on going forward.

I may eliminate some of them or all of them but for me it is to be aware of them and start putting some action into them. Some (not all, and I may revise this list) of my faults include:

  • Behaviour when I am drunk or drinking
  • Spending too much time on minor priorities (Rugby etc.)
  • Not being ‘present’ when being present – too much time on iPhone
  • Lack of conversation when spending time together
  • Subtle rudeness directed at my girlfriend and in conversation
  • Use of finances for inappropriate items (food and alcohol)
  • Lack of forethought around upcoming anniversaries, holidays or general life

I believe there is more but I think that is a good start and truly believe that I will improve as a person and create a better relationship for not only between my girlfriend and I but for others I am involved with.

My biggest hope for me in identifying the above and doing something about them (long-term) is for both my girlfriend and I to be happy. I know there will be dramas that we will have to work through but I am confident if I can work on the above that those dramas will be like a walk in the park.

Until next time,